About us

Our group is a non-profit sports club that was born in 2002, when 8 of us looked for Jari Nyman to train us which, at that time, Jeet Kune did not teach. Jari was a friend and student of Ted Wong, the student who gave more private classes with Bruce Lee.

Besides a student, Ted Wong was a friend of Bruce Lee and his family. He dedicated his life to practicing Jeet Kune Do and teaching it to small groups, since he said that the teaching of the JKD should be very careful and not be altered in large masses because when Bruce Lee is not there, getting off the line is very easy.

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Shortly after we started we were lucky to bring Ted Wong to Torremolinos exclusively for us. When you bring a great teacher, the prices are astronomical; Ted Wong did not charge us anything, neither that time nor the other times he came since his purpose was to show us the greatest treasure he had in his life, the Jeet Kune Do that Bruce taught him.

In November 2010, Ted died, and a lot of division was created among his own students. We continue to this day teaching what we learned from him.

To date we have two groups, one for children and one for adults.